The Ultimate in Personnel Protection

VSI Shield™ has you covered

protects the eyes, nose, and mouth from droplets and airborne particles

Durable, comfortable, lightweight, and shatterproof

comfortable with airholes for breathability, custom shaped medical foam eliminates pressure points on forehead

Show your smile, show you care

reconnect with your community with our anti-fogging, clear HD optical view

Protect your employees, customers, and brand

affordable, high quality, customizable graphics solution for both small and large businesses

Socialize safely indoors and outdoors

universal adjustable strap to fit any size head, youth sizes available

Unlimited Design Possibilities
with Brandable Head Band Graphics

Cloth Mask vs VSI Shield™

  • No eye protection

  • Uncomfortable & difficult to breathe

  • Difficult to disinfect

  • Requires face touching to put on & adjust

  • Difficult communication & social interaction

  • Limited durability

  • No UV protection

  • Can create a seal on all sides of face

  • Protects your eyes from droplets and splash

  • Comfortable to wear and breathing is easy

  • Easily cleaned with soap and water

  • Easy to attach and prevent from face touching

  • Lip reading, facial expression & social interaction

  • Reusable and longer lasting

  • Protects against the sun’s UV rays

  • Open sides may allow small particles to float in

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